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RFS offers services to companies in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, service industries, and non-profit industries.  I am acquainted with the unique framework, requirements and challenges each industry carries. I have valued clients

in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan, Washington, Colorado,

California and Canada.  

Aluminum Supplier


Warehouse Shelves from Above


Bike Fixing


Trimming Leaves


Beach Cleanup



  • Has served a wide range of companies, varying in size and industry

  • Has led multiple company sales and mergers including transaction preparations, due diligence, and post-acquisition integration

  • Managed numerous cash flow situations, including procurement of external financing

  • Has developed a variety of financial models, analyses, and presentations involving cash flow forecasting, cost planning, budgeting, strategic planning, and board directors reporting

  • Streamlined reporting and accelerated the close process successfully for clients

  •  Has handled multiple tax appeals resulting in favorable outcomes

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