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What is the role of a CFO?

In a traditional setting, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive primarily responsible for managing and making financial decisions for a company. The CFO develops and oversees financial plans and strategies aligned with an organization’s goals.  They hold the highest financial position in a company, are responsible for the accounting and finance team, and play a vital role as a strategic advisor.


How is a Fractional CFO different?

A Fractional CFO provides services on a part time or as-needed basis.  They are outsourced, meaning they assume the role and responsibilities of a CFO, without being a full time company employee. They have flexibility in accommodating and providing for the individual needs, budget and goals of each client.


What types of businesses benefit from a Fractional CFO?

Companies who are looking to become more strategic in their goals, improve decision making, restructure, increase revenue, improve cash flow, looking to raise capital, or want an overall clearer view of their financial situation.  

Is my company too small for a Fractional CFO?

Company size, complexity and revenue should be considered when determining the right CFO fit. While companies of all sizes can potentially benefit from the guidance of a professional CFO, we believe those who will benefit most from a Fractional CFO have an annual revenue between $2-40M.  Very small companies may only require a bookkeeper and/or controller for their accounting needs. Larger companies will likely need a full-time in-house CFO. 


What is the difference between a CFO and a Controller?

A CFO engages in high-level financial planning, decision-making, forecasting, and helps shape the overall financial strategy for a company. They are future oriented and help steer a company based on financial insights and projections.

A Controller is operationally focused. They handle day-to-day financial tasks, ensure accurate reporting, manage accounts, oversee accounting staff, and ensure compliance.

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